We've done it!. Lindsay is retired and I can work part-time from the boat (Programming mostly doesn't require a bum on a seat).
On 1st April 2008, we moved onto the boat, lived there for a month in Rossiter yard on Christchurch Harbour and then, on 28th April, we sailed for France.
Since then, we have wintered in Malta, Missolonghi and Crete having travelled through France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey and back to Crete.

If you want to know more, please click one of the links below...
How we got to be sailing off.
Through the French Canals 2008
France to Malta 2008
Onwards to Greece 2009

South Aegean and Turkey 2010 
Aegean 2011 
Summer 2012 in Greece 
Summer 2013 in Greece
Summer 2014 in the Adriatic
Summer 2015 Italy, Croatia, Greece